Saturday, November 17, 2007

Some Cartoon Fun

This is some practice fun that I have done in pencil. I was working on getting perspectives correct, as well as trying to get shading down. I used some different techniques and was hoping that in this practice I would learn the proper application for future efforts. This was lots of fun and made sketching a joy instead of a task. What suggestions do you have? Is there something that I should have done or not done? Any comments are appreciated and I sincerely will apply suggestions in future drawings that I post. Well it is a beautiful Saturday and I am getting ready to head over to help put up Christmas lights. Yes, even a handicapped guy can help put up Christmas lights, I make a great de-tangeler (sp).

1 comment:

Teri C said...

I love any kind of doodles and these are great. They look like fun and come from the soul, so how could I tell you how to do it better!