Saturday, May 9, 2009

Monday, April 27, 2009

Happy Cactus Monday everyone! This is two art forms combined, I used an airbrush for the night sky, and then hand painted the cactus and the shooting star by hand. I attempted to catch a night sky that would lend itself to the imagination, and I hope you like it.
This weekend I had the honor of going to some beautiful gardens in Nevada City, Ca. where they planted over 7000 tulip bulbs, it seemed like all the bulbs were in bloom, and it was oh so beautiful. I will post a few of the pictures later this week so you can see for yourselves.
Have a wonderful Cactus Monday dear friends.

Monday, April 13, 2009

My first Cactus Monday entry, and of course it is a cactus Easter egg. I hope all of you had a very Happy Easter. I enjoyed spending Easter with my fiance and her family, it was very nice and relaxing. This week I am going to be busy producing art, getting my greeting cards down to florist shop to restock the bins, and to finish a couple of portraits I have been working on. So much to do and so little time. Well take care and I will catch you on the backside.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture Proof that it does Snow In California

Howdy everyone, well here it is picture proof that it does snow in California. I know everyone thinks that California is always sunny, well this is documented proof outside on my patio showing the snow we received in less than two hours. Amazing, and then again last night it snowed again, dumping about 8 inches more. So burrr it is cold, but this is very typical for winter in my neck of the woods. The snow will be around for a few days then melt and all will return to normal. The good thing about this snow is the Daffodil bulbs will get a nice watering and hopefully this year they will bloom like crazy! Yes, we do have lovely daffodils planted even along the highway, it makes Spring in Grass Valley so very pretty. I will try to get pictures of them once they start to bloom so you can see what I mean. I have been working on a new piece of art, trying to put the finishing touches on it before I spray with fixative and frame, it is a pet portrait of my fiance's toy poodle. I am giving it to her for Valentines Day, along with some special soaps, bathing things, lotion, and body spray from Body and Bath Works. I am hoping that she will enjoy them and be able to take time to relax and feel good. The added benefit is I get to be around her when she smells so good!! Have a wonderful weekend. I will post a picture of her pet portrait the beginning of the week.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello my dear friends! As I was sitting in doctors office waiting I started to sketch this cityscape in my little sketchbook. I was playing around with perspectives and trying to imagine a city street overcrovded with buildings and people.
With todays economy I find myself very frustrated that we waste so much money and yet there are so many people living right here in our fine Country that are starving. The Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the poorest places in the USA. The Lakota Sioux at one time had the most beautiful land in the country, bufflalo ran wild in their lands. Then it was found that valuable metals, and minerals were on their land and the government made treaties to provide for them if they would allow the USA government to use those lands. Needless to say, the Lakota Sioux ended up on a small slice of their once beautiful land, the sacred spots are now turned upside down. The elders and many families live in homes that should be condemned, they often huddle in the cold because they cannot afford the propane or wood to heat their homes, while the rest of the country complains because they have to do without a fast food dinner or a cup of Starbucks coffee everyday of the week. Something is tragically wrong with this situation and this is just one of the many Native American reservations that live on and often below the poverty level.
It is a sad city representation when millions of dollars are spent on skyscrapers and my brothers and sisters shove newspaper between the cracks in the walls to prevent the snow from entering their homes.
I am challenged to produce some art that can be auctioned off with the proceeds being directly donated to providing firewood and propane to the elders and families of the Pine Ridge Reservation, what do you think? Do you think this would work?

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Rhino for you

Happy days to you all!! I hope that you are doing well so far this month of February. I just love my Moleskiene and I have decided to place some realistic drawings of different animals in my newest Moleskiene. So to begin this is a Rhino that I did in graphite. I used different techniques in shading just to try them out and see which I preferred. Trying to get leathery skin for this one was a challenge as I have never done that before, and looking at the original I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I am going to attempt to sketch everyday. I had set that as a New Year's eve resolution but because of the loss of my fiances son, then the tragic loss of my brother-in-law a week later both happening right after Christmas I became lost into the turmoil of depression and allowed it to take over for a while. So I am getting back into the swing of things and hope to bless you all with new pictures and some words from my heart.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Native Americans Unite

Since I have struggled with my identity for so long wondering what race I should consider myself since I am part french, German, and half Native American. Our President is also a half breed, he is Caucasian on his mother's side and African on his father's side, and yet all I hear is how our President is the first African American to be elected to the office of President. So since he can consider himself African American, I will no longer struggle with my race issue, I am Native American!!!

That may seem sort of strange to struggle with such an issue. But for me I take pride in being Native American. I truly wish that society was different than it is today, as I believe the Tribes of Native Americans need to unite, the warriors within these communities need to arise, and we as a people need to make our voices heard. Enough of our land being taken, the minerals being stripped from Turtle Island, we need to arise as one and make our presence and voice heard.

As an artist I am working on some ideas for Native American paintings that will not just be works of art, but will be a message to all that see them. Thus I am posting this little blog in the hope that all who read this will take up my request. That request being...if you have any ideas on themes of paintings that you feel would strike a nerve and raise up our people please contact me and let your voice be heard.

Thank you all

January 2009

Well hello everyone,

Sorry to have been so quiet and to have seemed to forgotten this blog. The year 2009 has begun and for me it has started out as one of the worst years I can remember since losing my leg and mobility. On December 28th, the love of my life Diane, lost one of her sons to a drug overdose. He was such a kind and beautiful young man, and I had begun to feel as if he were my own son. He will be truly missed not just by his mom, brothers, and extended family, but by me. Then no sooner than his memorial service was over I received a phone call from my parents in Washington State, my brother-in-law who served our Country for two tours in the Army in Iraq, had come home to be with my sister and their two boys, he went into their garage and committed suicide by hanging himself. Oh my God, I cannot believe this has happened, my sister found him, and her oldest son a sophomore in high school had to cut his father down from the rafters. Because of his outstanding military service, the Army has buried him with full Military honors, and will be providing help and services to my sis and her boys, but they have lost their husband, father, and friend. Thankfully my parents had moved to be close to my sister while he was away in Iraq so they were right there when this news hit. So for the beginning of this new year of 2009 you can see that it has not been a good start.

But now that the memorials are all done with and life tries to return to some sort of normal, I am going to make a huge effort to make this blog come alive.

What does that mean??? Well my dear friends, I will be writing on a regular basis, and I will be posting art work as I complete it for your viewing and pleasure. I will also be asking and trying to answer some of the more difficult questions that face each of us. It should be fun, it should be challenging and hopefully you will all respond with your own input and questions that will spark this blog into being a wonderful place for people to visit and grow.

So I take my hat off, well if I ever wore a hat, to each of you for being so patient and send out a shout to all of you, as together we face this new year that has lots of potential for hope, and happiness even though the USA economy looks so bad!

Bye for now and see you all really soon, Greg