Monday, January 26, 2009

Native Americans Unite

Since I have struggled with my identity for so long wondering what race I should consider myself since I am part french, German, and half Native American. Our President is also a half breed, he is Caucasian on his mother's side and African on his father's side, and yet all I hear is how our President is the first African American to be elected to the office of President. So since he can consider himself African American, I will no longer struggle with my race issue, I am Native American!!!

That may seem sort of strange to struggle with such an issue. But for me I take pride in being Native American. I truly wish that society was different than it is today, as I believe the Tribes of Native Americans need to unite, the warriors within these communities need to arise, and we as a people need to make our voices heard. Enough of our land being taken, the minerals being stripped from Turtle Island, we need to arise as one and make our presence and voice heard.

As an artist I am working on some ideas for Native American paintings that will not just be works of art, but will be a message to all that see them. Thus I am posting this little blog in the hope that all who read this will take up my request. That request being...if you have any ideas on themes of paintings that you feel would strike a nerve and raise up our people please contact me and let your voice be heard.

Thank you all


Pet Portrait Artists said...

Hi Greg, Have just come over from lets make art and was interested to read your blog. One of my all time favourite artist is Howard Terpning, he is such an inspiration to me, have you seen his work? Its outstanding. If you are looking for themes and inspiration you definitely have to see his stuff. : ) Melanie x Shall we swap blog links? I can then keep up with your posts as I will have you in my list!

Pet Portrait Artists said...

I added you here -

: )

Anonymous said...

How about a dramatic picture of a "Brave" helping charactures of Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty across some perilous event. They would embody images of people with real fear,hurt, pain. I thought of this because;if our people stand up and hold the teachings of our ancestors- we can be that at this time as times are perilous. In so many ways our forfathers went down with honor. Let's show the white people how to survive or die. Because they are not our enemies and we share the same space and time now. Chief Seattle said we may even be brothers...right!?!

Greg said...

Thank you for the comments to my page. I agree with your idea about possibly doing a painting with a Brave either guiding Uncle Sam and Lady Liberty, or having the brave give his horse to them since we as Native Americans always overcome. Again thank you for your comments.