Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hello my dear friends! As I was sitting in doctors office waiting I started to sketch this cityscape in my little sketchbook. I was playing around with perspectives and trying to imagine a city street overcrovded with buildings and people.
With todays economy I find myself very frustrated that we waste so much money and yet there are so many people living right here in our fine Country that are starving. The Pine Ridge Reservation is one of the poorest places in the USA. The Lakota Sioux at one time had the most beautiful land in the country, bufflalo ran wild in their lands. Then it was found that valuable metals, and minerals were on their land and the government made treaties to provide for them if they would allow the USA government to use those lands. Needless to say, the Lakota Sioux ended up on a small slice of their once beautiful land, the sacred spots are now turned upside down. The elders and many families live in homes that should be condemned, they often huddle in the cold because they cannot afford the propane or wood to heat their homes, while the rest of the country complains because they have to do without a fast food dinner or a cup of Starbucks coffee everyday of the week. Something is tragically wrong with this situation and this is just one of the many Native American reservations that live on and often below the poverty level.
It is a sad city representation when millions of dollars are spent on skyscrapers and my brothers and sisters shove newspaper between the cracks in the walls to prevent the snow from entering their homes.
I am challenged to produce some art that can be auctioned off with the proceeds being directly donated to providing firewood and propane to the elders and families of the Pine Ridge Reservation, what do you think? Do you think this would work?

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Hi Greg! Believe I know you from LMA! Didn't know you had a blog!