Friday, February 13, 2009

Picture Proof that it does Snow In California

Howdy everyone, well here it is picture proof that it does snow in California. I know everyone thinks that California is always sunny, well this is documented proof outside on my patio showing the snow we received in less than two hours. Amazing, and then again last night it snowed again, dumping about 8 inches more. So burrr it is cold, but this is very typical for winter in my neck of the woods. The snow will be around for a few days then melt and all will return to normal. The good thing about this snow is the Daffodil bulbs will get a nice watering and hopefully this year they will bloom like crazy! Yes, we do have lovely daffodils planted even along the highway, it makes Spring in Grass Valley so very pretty. I will try to get pictures of them once they start to bloom so you can see what I mean. I have been working on a new piece of art, trying to put the finishing touches on it before I spray with fixative and frame, it is a pet portrait of my fiance's toy poodle. I am giving it to her for Valentines Day, along with some special soaps, bathing things, lotion, and body spray from Body and Bath Works. I am hoping that she will enjoy them and be able to take time to relax and feel good. The added benefit is I get to be around her when she smells so good!! Have a wonderful weekend. I will post a picture of her pet portrait the beginning of the week.

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