Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Long time no post....

Hello fellow bloggers.... I know its been ages since you have last seen a post by me! Its not because I don't love you all and want to include you in my life, its rather because of new opportunities that arose. I started serving as a volunteer counselor for a agency in Grass Valley that provides free counseling to anyone 13 years of age and above. The needs were so large I quickly found my free time consumed with helping those in need. Then in October 2010 the Board of Directors called a special meeting and invited me to attend an off site special meeting. I thought...."Oh no I am getting fired from a volunteer position, how terrible is that...." Rather than get fired, they asked me to consider filling the open position of Executive Director of the counseling center. After much counsel and lots of advice, and their continual calling to see if I had decided yet. That I began serving as the Executive Director of the Anew Day Counseling center in Grass Valley.

In totally revamping the center so that I was comfortable in leading it into the future, my time quickly evaporated and thus no posting on my blog. The task has been huge, we have grown to now 32 counselors, 2 Marriage family therapists, a Counselor Skills training Workshop that is a 12 week training for future possible counselors that is held 3 times per year, and I convinced the Board to make our one big fund raising event the Annual Banquet a big event rather than local speakers. The board of directors is in full support of my direction so we brought ex. San Francisco Pitcher Dave Dravecky to speak. He lost his pitching arm to cancer, you might remember the scene, he was starting pitcher against the Toronto Bluejays, he threw a fast ball that broke his arm and literally knocked him off the of mound and to the ground, and to a new life living as a amputee. He was the main speaker at our banquet but before he spoke at the Banquet he went to both of our local High Schools and spoke to the students about dreams, and hope even in the midst of overwhelming circumstances. Needless to say it has been a huge sucess.

So now you can see why I have not posted in so very long. Do not fear though as I will honestly start to post once again, and now that I am reclaiming my life, my art is once again starting to flow, so not only will I post notes on how I am, you will be seeing new works showing up every so often.

Drop me a note if you like! For now.....take care and keep smiling!